Explanation of the dungeons of the RTS series


As for game genres, real-time strategies have become popular among many players over the years. RTS games often allow players to hone their multitasking skills and simultaneously face threats on a wide map instead of the more traditional one-on-one battles in other action games, and therefore they are usually a fun and challenging experience. The Dungeons series of games from Realmforge Studios and Kalypso Media changes the familiar formula of real-time strategy in a new way, adding simulation elements along with an emphasis on strategy and flipping the script in many ways.

With the latest iteration, Dungeons 3, coming to Nintendo Switch next month, players may want to learn a little more about the series before diving in and trying their hand at creating their own dungeon and destroying their rivals along the way. Each part of the series has its own story, emphasis and small changes in the gameplay, so players will have something to do if they want to immerse themselves in the chaotic world of dungeons.

A mixture of modeling and strategy

There’s nothing new about fantasy games that revolve around dungeons- in fact, they’re a genre in themselves— but almost all of them are from a hero’s point of view. Players are usually tasked with infiltrating a dungeon, stealing its treasures or revealing its secrets, as well as killing any antagonistic monster or the many dungeon-dwelling creatures that call it home. A series of games from Realmforge Studios provides gamers with a completely different choice, instead they take on the role of a Dungeon Lord, working to fight back against heroes who try to raid their carefully constructed underground kingdom.

Dungeons challenge players to collect the soul energy of unhappy heroes, but since it can only be obtained when the adventurous non-player characters are at their happiest, players must build their dungeons as well as control the heroes who dare to enter them before they meet their sticky end. Dungeons 2 shifted the focus of the series slightly, paying homage to the 90s strategy video game Dungeon Keeper, forcing players to hire monsters to help them take revenge on the heroes of the earthly world, while maintaining dungeon management and realism. temporary elements of the previous game.

Latest for the series

Dungeons 3 may have been released back in 2017 for PC and consoles, but its upcoming Switch release will mean it can reach a new wave of players. The game is an excellent combination of elements of classic real-time strategy with dungeon management and simple action sequences, but at the same time gives players the opportunity to show their villainous side. He takes the humor from the previous two parts and doubles it by adding references to other sci-fi and fantasy objects from across the cultural spectrum. As in previous games, players must build the most challenging dungeons they can to fend off wave after wave of NPC heroes, collecting resources and gathering soul energy for their needed upgrades.

Gamers can complete missions in Dungeons 3 in single player or campaign in co-op, and there is even an option to rise above their ground dungeon to the surface and control the Dungeon Lord’s minions as they move, use their abilities and participate in battles. The comfortably familiar elements of Dungeons 3 are reminiscent of games from decades past, but there are enough new features and updated aspects so that the game doesn’t seem overly outdated or repetitive. Dungeons 3 is the perfect addition to Switch and can help players pass a lot of time trying themselves out as a bad guy.

Dungeons 3 is already available on PC, PS4 and Xbox One and is coming to the Nintendo Switch on September 15, 2022.


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