Explanation of the chronology of the film “Predator”


The Predator movie franchise covers five main parts and two crossover films, and the full timeline is explained here. Arnold Schwarzenegger’s actions in the ’80s, such as “Commando,” tended to portray him as a killing machine spewing out a single line that seemed almost invincible. The predator sought to break its formula in two main ways, making it part of the ensemble and forcing it to confront an even more powerful opponent. The result was a sci-fi hit that later became a classic of the genre, but it was never intended to create a franchise.

In fact, “Predator” director John McTiernan has largely avoided expanding the monster’s backstory, including cutting out the planned final scene set inside his spaceship. However, the alien hunter became so iconic that he soon appeared in additional comics, video games and sequels of the Predator movie. Over the years, many filmmakers, authors and artists have supplemented the mythology of the series by expanding the customs and devices that hunters use.

There are few coincidences in the Predator films from the point of view of the cast or crew, which leads to completely different interpretations and, perhaps inevitably, to continuity or conflicts of time frames. Here is the full explained chronology of the film “Predator”, including those exits, the canonical nature of which is in doubt.

Ancient aliens – 3000 BC

The 2004 film Alien vs. Predator marked the return of the last franchise to the screens after a long break, and for this reason it was eagerly awaited. Paul V.S. Anderson’s crossover focuses on a group of archaeologists, funded by Lance Henriksen’s Charles Bishop Weyland, who travel to Antarctica to explore a temple buried deep under the ice. The leader of the group Lex (Sanaa Latan) learns with the help of explanatory hieroglyphs that Predators have been visiting the Earth for thousands of years and even taught early civilizations to build pyramids. These aliens from the sky were revered as gods, and people were often sacrificed, acting as hosts for xenomorphs. Traces of early contact with Yautzha were eventually lost for centuries, although the canonicity of the Alien vs Predator itself is questionable due to the fact that the Alien prequel Prometheus contradicts several elements of the chronology of the film.

Predator and prey – 1719

“Prey” is the fifth part of the main saga “Predator”, which takes place in 1719. This prequel records one of humanity’s first encounters with alien hunters, and also depicts a young Comanche warrior named Naru (Amber Midtander) fighting a ferocious Yautja, who was nicknamed “The Ferocious Predator”. Despite the technological advantages of the alien over the tribe he is hunting, Naru turns out to be the prey he is looking for — the one that fights back.

The Val Verde incident, 1987

“Predator” begins with Dutch and his men traveling to the fictional South American country of Val Verde. Dutch was recruited by his old CIA friend Dillon (Carl Weathers) for a rescue operation that was really just a cover for destroying a planned invasion backed by the Soviet Union. Dillion had previously sent another team, which was found skinned and hung from trees- the work of yautja hiding in the jungle. He chases and kills Dutch’s team until only he remains, and he has to strip himself of modern weapons and hunt the creature on his terms. When the Predator, who was almost played by Van Damme, loses, he activates a self-destruct device that levels part of the jungle and erases evidence of his existence, although later this event attracted the attention of the American government and the potential capture of the hunter alive.

Attack in Los Angeles, 1997

Predators are attracted to heat and conflict, so when the heat swept Los Angeles in 1997 during a brutal gang war, hunters visit the city in “Predator 2”. The “city Hunter” becomes the enemy of Danny Glover’s tough cop, Lieutenant Harrigan, when he kills his partner Danny, and Hannigan sets out to track him down. Harrigan also learns that a mysterious Drug Enforcement Administration agent, Peter Keys (Gary Busey), is leading a task force that wants to catch the beast and study its technology, having learned of its existence from an incident in Val Verde. Keyes and his crew are killed when he outsmarts them, while Harrigan tracks him to his ship and kills him with his own weapon. Other Yautja show up to take his body, but leave Harrigan a trophy for his victory -an 18th-century flintlock pistol.

Weyland Expedition – 2004

The main action of Alien Vs Predator takes place in 2004, when Weyland finances an expedition to explore a pyramid discovered under the ice. This facility is a training ground for young hunters, where they can prove themselves by fighting xenomorphs.


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