Explanation of the Brazilian beef stroganoff dish of the 90-day-old bride of the star Thais

In one of the last episodes of the TV series “Alive for 90 Days”, fans looked into the culture of Tais Ramon when she was cooking a dish of Brazilian beef stroganoff, and it’s time to share information about this recipe. Although her fiance Patrick Mendes’ brother John couldn’t digest his food, that didn’t stop viewers from learning more about it. In fact, the Brazilian beef stroganoff from Tais delighted and puzzled many.
When Patrick announced that his fiancee Thais would cook a Brazilian dish for him, many fans wondered what the final result would be. Thais did cook the Brazilian version of Stroganov, and John was not at all impressed, as it was noticed that he spits it out. Patrick didn’t seem to mind at all. He really looked like he was genuinely enjoying his meal. Apparently, the recipe of Thais was somewhat different from the typical recipe, according to which most people prepare a beef Stroganoff dish. Here’s everything viewers need to know about the version of Brazilian beef stroganoff that the Thais have prepared. whom fans of the franchise called a gold digger.
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The Brazilian version of the famous Russian dish Beef Stroganoff is usually served with potatoes and white rice. Sometimes other proteins, such as chicken or shrimp, are used instead of beef. According to World Cuisine, the main differences between the Brazilian and Russian versions of beef Stroganoff are difficult to describe in one word. The Brazilian version uses more tomato sauce, sometimes with ketchup, mustard, cognac or brandy. Brazilians also prefer to use whipped cream rather than the traditional sour cream for Russia. Brazilian Stroganov is often pink or orange, which distinguishes it from the Russian version, with which most fans of the 9th season of “The 90-day groom” are familiar. See Tice on her 26th birthday below:
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The obvious differences between the Russian and Brazilian versions of the Stroganov dish attracted a lot of attention to the dish on the Internet, as everyone was confused by the fact that she added chicken to the recipe, and not beef, which most people are used to. She added ketchup and mustard, which also puzzled fans. Fans of 90 Day FiancĂ© have turned to various social media platforms, demanding that Tice reveal her own somewhat strange recipe for the popular dish. One of the Twitter users winegal96 shared her opinion after she conducted her own research about the dish. “I Googled a recipe for Brazilian chicken beef stroganoff, and some use ketchup, tomato sauce or mustard, but none of them used ketchup and mustard at the same time. I’m curious to try the Thai version.”
Thais’ version of the beef Stroganoff dish may have caught many fans of the 90-day-old groom (and Patrick’s brother John) off guard, but at least her fiance Patrick liked it, and that’s probably all that matters to her. Thais and Patrick are currently gaining strength, despite everything they went through in the 90-day Groom. This means fans can see a lot more of Tice’s cooking skills in future episodes.