Explanation of the big whiplash hole in the plot of “Iron Man” — does it make sense?


One major hole in the plot of “Iron Man 2″ shows its ugly head when a Whip attacks Tony Stark on a race track in Monaco. Prior to these events, Tony Stark is still laying the groundwork for becoming Iron Man. He starts the year-long Stark Expo, creates new costumes and fights the toxic effects of palladium from the original arc reactor on his body, slowly killing him. Iron Man’s constant checking of blood toxicity affects his character in the first half of the film, approaching life as a man with limited time. Iron Man is also called to testify before the U.S. Senate regarding his use of armor, which he describes not as a weapon, but as part of himself.

Throughout Iron Man 2, Stark finds ways to remain a superhero at all costs. He is unstable, unreliable, and derails before Nick Fury and Black Widow show up with a supplement that helps save his life. He puts on the Iron Man armor for his birthday only to blow up liquor bottles and, eventually, a watermelon, endangering everyone present.

His risky behavior in the role of Iron Man could cost some people their lives. This is shown when he decides to sit in the seat of a racing car and race in Monaco. It is at this point that Whip finally appears with his super-powered whips in tow to allegedly smash Tony’s car in half, killing him in the process. When the villain from Iron Man 2, Whip, fearlessly walks along the race track, he turns on his suit and his clothes burn, leaving him defenseless against the elements above the waist. It’s a very cool cinematic choice by director Jon Favreau to present the villain in this way, but it really creates a hole in the plot, raising the question of why the Whip wasn’t immediately shot by the event police at this point.

Why didn’t the police stop the whip in “Iron Man 2”

The plot hole widens when four armed police officers run away from the scene, although they could easily use their training to stop the danger and protect the world-famous billionaire. They could also have removed the Whiplash for the safety of the riders and those watching the event, if not for preventing the death of Tony Stark. It is likely that at least one of the officials tried to stop Whiplash, especially when you consider that they were armed, and in a crisis situation, police officers usually turn to their personal weapons.

However, it’s also worth considering that the officers may have recognized Whiplash as a superhero-level threat and knew that their weapons would probably be ineffective against it. They also had no way of knowing about his special abilities and whether shooting him would do more harm than good. From a movie point of view, it makes sense that Favreau and his team chose the first Whip fight with Iron Man in full costume, as it makes the scene much more interesting. Such arguments often end with someone saying that if the problem had been solved logically, there would not have been a movie, but at the moment this is an excuse. In many films, and even in Marvel films, attention to detail was paid so as not to leave holes in the plot, as in Iron Man 2, and the argument “this is a movie” does not stand up to criticism as the stories adapt to become available to the Internet. .


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