Explanation of the 1.4.2 update for Dying Light 2


Techland has really done its best with its latest release, Dying Light 2. Like its predecessor, Techland promised before the release that Dying Light 2 would be supported by both free and paid content long after the release of the game in February 2022. the game is a few months after it hit the shelves of stores, this is certainly the case. Over the past few months, Techland has introduced new cosmetic items, missions, weapons, gear, challenges, and even a whole New Game Plus mode for Dying Light 2, and all this is absolutely free.

Even now, almost five months after the release of Dying Light 2, it seems that Techland is just getting started. Just a few weeks ago, Techland introduced the “In the Footsteps of the Night Runner” update for Dying Light 2, which laid the foundation for the future of the game and was the first real step of Techland’s five-year plan to release content after launch. A week ago, Dying Light 2 received the latest update. This latest patch, called simply “Update 1.4.2”, does not add new content to Dying Light 2, but fixes some of the most serious technical bugs and issues in the game, some of which fans have been requesting since the game’s release. release.

Explanation of the 1.4.2 update for Dying Light 2

One of the biggest challenges of Dying Light 2 since its launch in February 2022 has been the rapid transit system. At first glance, there is absolutely nothing wrong with the mechanics of fast moving Dying Light 2, players just need to select a place on the map and press a button to move there, and if there are no enemies nearby, they will be moved in just a few seconds — a standard open-world role-playing game. However, in practice, the fast moving system in Dying Light 2 has been facing technical problems for quite some time.

The most common problem is that the game simply does not allow the player to move quickly under certain circumstances, while otherwise he should have been able to. For example, if they were located in a certain area of the map or there were certain NPCs nearby. The 1.4.2 update for Dying Light 2 finally fixes this, and now fast moving should work exactly as it was always intended. However, the patch notes mention that Techland is still working on improving the player experience with fast movement, so there may be some more changes.

Another area in which Dying Light 2 had serious technical problems was the cooperative mode. When playing in co-op, players were often disconnected or their game crashed in certain scenarios. In this update, a specific emergency state of the cooperative game has been fixed, which occurred due to the fact that players used any subsequent abilities with a strike. Several achievement/trophy issues have also been fixed, especially regarding the achievements of “Street Art Fan” and “Did you find anything interesting?”

The 1.4.2 update for Dying Light 2 also made some intriguing changes to the statistics of some infected. For example, flying tyrants have become a little stronger, and special types of infected in general have increased resistance to certain types of damage. From the special types of infected marked with an orange marker, mutation samples that are necessary for certain quest lines that have been added since the initial launch of the game should now also drop out. The 1.4.2 update for Dying Light 2 also changed several other minor elements of the game, such as fixing a software lock during the parkour test and the ability to transfer your outfits from Chapter 1 to the New Game Plus.

Dying Light 2: Stay Human is already available on PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One and Xbox Series X/S. The release of the Switch version is scheduled for the end of this year.