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Square Enix has a busy calendar for 2023, which should please gamers. The release of Final Fantasy 7: Rebirth and Final Fantasy 16 is scheduled for 2023, which makes this an epic year for fans of the franchise. Gamers can also expect Forspoken, a game that has faced a lot of delays, but shows great potential thanks to its interesting bypass system and the use of magic.

Among the many features shown, gamers received a brief overview of Breakstorms, which is one of the many dangers they will face. If Frey wants to escape from Atia and return to normal life, she will have to learn how to survive storms, no matter how fierce they may be. With how many enemies they throw at players, Breakstorms can be one of the hardest parts of Forspoken.

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What are the breakthroughs of Forspoken?

Frey Holland is a native of New York, but she is transported to the magical world of Atia, in which she must survive if she wants to find her way home. All is not well in Atia, as she is currently under the control of Tanta, sorceresses who were once loved, but have since become evil. In addition, Atia is under the power of a force known as the Rift, which turns everything she touches into a corrupted version of herself— although, oddly enough, Frey is not affected by this. To return home, Frey must defeat Tant.

In Athia, players will be able to freely explore the landscape, and this is simplified thanks to Frey’s magical abilities, which allow her to race around the map at breakneck speed. However, many insidious obstacles await him, and one of the dangers that Freyr may face are storms, which are a kind of fog sweeping through Atia. If Frey gets caught in a storm, she will face hordes of enemies, including some of the deadliest opponents, such as Jabberwocky. If she manages to withstand the onslaught, she will also have to defeat the final boss, who will test her skills.

According to the developers, Breakstorms will bring players rewards that will make the challenge worthwhile. Fortunately, Frey will also have a lot of things at her disposal that will help her thwart the enemies that will be thrown at her in Breakstorms, and the trailers showed how she uses magical powers against enemies, sending huge shock waves and shooting bullet-shaped projectiles from her hand. She will also have a few friends who will help her learn more about Atia and her own magical powers. This includes Frey’s talking bracelet named Cuff, the archivist Johedi and the good woman Auden.

The Forsaken are almost here

When Forspoken was first shown to the world in 2020, it was called Project Athia, and gamers knew almost nothing about it, although it had great potential. Interest in the game only increased when it became clear that celebrities such as Amy Hennig, Gary Witta and Bear McCreary were involved in the project, and that it was being developed by the same team that was behind Final Fantasy 15. The release will take place on May 24 this year, but the game was constantly postponed, and the last delay postponed it from October 2022 to January 2023. Hopefully the delays will ensure that gamers get the best game possible after a long wait.

Storms are just one of the many dangers that Frey will face in Atia, and she will have to master her magical abilities to stay alive. While Forspoken seems to embrace the Isekai genre, it also brings its own unique twist to things, and it will be interesting to see how this reflects on Frey’s story. With writers like Hennig at the helm, this is sure to be an unforgettable experience.

The release of Forspoken is scheduled for January 24, 2023 on PC and PS5.


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