Explanation of Modern Warfare 2 Weapon Settings and How to Unlock It


Modern Warfare 2 comes with all new weapon customization options, as part of an advanced gunsmith that allows you to fine tune attachments. This is great news for those who want a little more control and flexibility regarding their equipment, as it is now possible to adjust the performance of individual components using the weapon tuning system.

The weapon setup of Modern Warfare 2 is not unlocked immediately for each weapon, as you will need to seriously upgrade the level before gaining access. However, once you do this, the sky becomes the limit, and now you have an almost limitless number of settings available to you.

Here’s how to unlock the weapon setup in Modern Warfare 2. You’ll also find a brief explanation of how the new system works and how best to use it to customize your favorite weapon.

How to unlock the weapon setup of Modern Warfare 2

To unlock the weapon customization for weapons in Modern Warfare 2, you need to raise it to the maximum level. Not all weapons can be configured in this way, namely those that cannot be edited in the Armorer. After unlocking, the “Configure” button will be present on the equipped customizable attachments. By clicking this button, you will be taken to the weapon settings menu.

Weapon Tuning explained

Weapon Customization is a new feature in Modern Warfare 2 that allows you to further customize attachments. Custom attachments have two opposite attributes at each end of the slider. Increasing one attribute decreases the other. These two main attributes also affect the “radar” of the specifications to the right of it.

For example, a barrel can have two sliders for weight and length. Adjusting the weight slider affects both the speed of movement and the recoil. Adjusting the length slider affects both the aiming time and the damage range. Configuring both allows you to get a unique combination of effects for all four attributes.

In fact, now you can customize attachments, weapons and, consequently, equipment in more detail. This opens up limitless combinations and is seen as an endgame for pumping weapons in Modern Warfare 2. We’ll have to wait and see if this changes the rules of the game.

This is all you need to know about weapon customization in Modern Warfare 2. To learn more about the game, be sure to check out our list of the best weapons in Modern Warfare 2. Then there’s our best M4 attachments and gear guide.

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