Explanation of Efforts to Boycott Hogwarts Heritage


A drawing from the widely popular J.K. Rowling franchise began with her first Harry Potter novel. “The Legacy of Hogwarts” is a game that partially distances itself from the classic setting of the Wizarding World. The Hogwarts Legacy takes place in the past, which can give fans a unique chance to plunge into a different world compared to the world of books and their film adaptations. However, the recently postponed game has caused a lot of controversy since it was announced about Quidditch, the value of the collector’s edition of The Hogwarts Legacy, or J.K. Rowling’s political views.

In recent years, Rowling has been at the epicenter of a storm because of her repeated transphobic comments on social networks, which LGBTQ+ people, in particular transgender people, have emphasized even in books and other media related to Harry Potter. The legacy of Hogwarts was also linked to specifically anti-Semitic accusations when it was revealed that the main villains of the game were goblins, a persecuted species in the Wizarding World that is portrayed as evil because of a desire for freedom. For these reasons, many are in favor of people boycotting the “Hogwarts Legacy” before the launch.

Why fans are boycotting the “Legacy of Hogwarts”

Rowling’s political views eventually tarnished the franchise for thousands of former fans, given that she commented on the rights and freedoms of transgender people, and then doubled down after being reprimanded online. Actors from the Harry Potter saga have started discussing this issue, stating that trans women are women and trans men are men, regardless of what the person who started the franchise says. Many began to doubt the existence of the “Hogwarts Legacy” as an expansion of the franchise, which has been criticized, no matter how many developers try to distance themselves from Rowling.

Despite the fact that the Harry Potter stories focus on themes of liberation and self-affirmation, Rowling’s views caused a ripple effect, as it seemed that they opposed the rights of certain people. The Goblin Rebellion storyline in Hogwarts Legacy has drawn similar criticism from developers and Warner Bros. One of the main antagonists of the game is a powerful goblin who can wield and use magic without a wand: Ranrok.

Goblins are not allowed to use wands in the Harry Potter universe, and they are closely watched and suppressed by the Ministry of Magic. Because of this, the creation of the “Hogwarts Legacy” about the suppression of the goblin rebellion has caused controversy about whether to support the game because of its racist narrative, combined with Rowling’s views. People who are aware of the situation with Rowling and the Goblin conspiracy urge players not to support the game in any way, even to support street developers who have already received a salary for their work.

While it makes sense to try to boycott further IP addresses belonging to the Wizarding World, video games such as Hogwarts Legacy still delight many fans, regardless of the politics surrounding the original author of the Harry Potter series of books. The Harry Potter franchise has benefited millions of people, and actors such as Daniel Radcliffe have said that this experience should probably be separated from the author’s views. Nevertheless, it is difficult when these views belong to a living person capable of hurting those who believed in the magical world that the “Legacy of Hogwarts” is trying to portray in a new light.

Hogwarts Legacy is released on February 10, 2023 on PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One and Xbox Series X/S, a version for Switch is also in development.


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