Explanation of each episode of the CSI crossover


Shared universes may have become the norm for popular franchises, but crossover episodes and events were already commonplace in CSI shows. The CSI franchise began in 2000 with the show CSI: Crime Scene Investigation, which later became known as CSI: Las Vegas. The story of a team of forensic experts working to solve the strangest cases in Las Vegas was simple, but interesting enough to create an exciting show that will be broadcast for 15 years, as well as three spin-offs and a revival of “C.S.I.: Vegas.”

The first spin-off of CSI was CSI: Miami, a show that began in 2002 and lasted 10 seasons. The format of the series was very similar to the format of CSI: Crime Scene Investigation, and, in addition to different locations, the main difference between the series were the characters. Two years after the premiere of “CSI: Miami”, the second spin-off “CSI: Crime Scene New York” debuted on CBS. The fourth spin-off will take place in 2015 with CSI: Cyber, a few months before the end of the initial release of CSI: Crime Scene Investigation.

For each of the CSI spin-offs, the introduction of the characters and the premise of the show were presented in the form of pilot episodes with a backdoor. This was the beginning of the CSI crossover tradition, but the special episodes were not limited to the creation of new spin-offs. Crossovers between at least two CSI teams have become commonplace, whether in the form of combining full teams or special appearances of famous CSI characters in one of the other shows. Here’s a breakdown of each episode of the CSI crossover, including those that served as backdoor pilots.

Cross jurisdiction

The story of Horatio Kane and the CSI: Miami team began in CSI: Crime Scene Investigation, Season 4, episode 22, “Cross Jurisdiction”. Cross Jurisdiction, which aired on March 9, 2002, begins as a regular episode of CSI: Crime Scene Investigation, when Las Vegas crime scene investigators Grissom and Katherine are called to the crime scene after LVPD police chief Duke Rittle is found dead in his home. Rittle had a wife, who was also found dead later in the episode, and a daughter, Sasha, who has been missing since the investigation began. When the Las Vegas team receives information that a girl matching the description has been spotted in Miami, Catherine and Warrick travel to Florida, and then the audience gets acquainted with Detective Horatio Crane and CSI from Miami.

MIA/New York, non-stop

CSI: Miami, season 2, episode 23, “MIA/NYC NonStop”, was a backdoor pilot for CSI:NY. The episode aired on May 17, 2004 and introduced viewers to Mac Taylor, played by Gary Sinise from Forrest Gump, the head of CSI in New York, as well as Stella Bonasera, Aiden Byrne, Dani Messer and Sheldon Hawkes – all who would be key characters in CSI: NY. After promising Laura, a young girl whose parents were murdered, that he was going to find the killer, Horatio Kane heads to New York, following a potential suspect. However, by the time he arrived, the suspect had also been killed, and now the CSI: Miami detective had to work with CSI from New York to better understand what had happened.

Criminal offense

Since both CSI: Miami and CSI: New York have already been created, all kinds of CSI crossovers are now possible. Season 4 of “CSI: Miami”, episode 7, “Felony Flight”, was the first of two crossover episodes with CSI:NY. It aired on November 7, 2005, and in it Mac Taylor of the NYPD went to Florida to help CSI: Horatio Cain of Miami and his team catch a serial killer on the run. However, the pursuit of Henry Darius turned out to be more difficult than they could have expected, and the episode ends with the serial killer still on the run and returning to New York.

Manhattan Hunt

The chase for Henry Darius continued in CSI: NY Season 2, episode 7, “Manhattan Hunt”, which aired on November 9, 2005. The serial killer returned to New York, which led to Mac and Horatio regrouping in Manhattan. The episode mainly focuses on the New York team, and Horatio is the only character from Miami who appears.

Without a trace / CSI crossover

In addition to the usual CSI crossovers, in 2007 a special team appeared between the TV series “Without a Trace” and “CSI: Crime Scene Investigation”. The crossover occurred in two episodes: “Who and What” of the TV series “Without a Trace” and “Where and why” of the TV series “C.S.I.: Crime Scene”. The story followed Jack Malone from Without a Trace teaming up with the CSI team in Las Vegas when a missing person case turns into a murder investigation.