Explanation of Apex Legends “No Apex August”


Apex Legends is an extremely successful project published by EA and developed by Respawn Entertainment. Since its unexpected launch in February 2019, the game has attracted millions of players with its dynamic gameplay, unique world and characters. With each new year and season, Apex Legends becomes one of the largest live service games on the market.

Despite these changes, Apex Legends is not perfect. As game seasons come and go, the flaws in the game become more and more apparent. Problems with registering hits, broken legend abilities and the lack of beeps are just a few of the problems that have plagued the game since launch. Not only that, the content for Apex Legends has also become more sparse — Respawn Entertainment reuses time-limited modes like Control so often that they can be a permanent part of the game. To this end, some fans are planning “No Apex August”, a boycott event that hopes to attract the attention of both EA and Respawn Entertainment so that the publisher and developer can fix their favorite Battle Royale game.

How did August No Apex begin?

The exact origin of the planned Apex Legends boycott appears to come from a Reddit post by user Laughing Prince dated June 26. Although the original purpose of the post was to get people to stop playing Apex Legends for one day in July to get attention. developers and publishers, since then it has turned into a planned monthly boycott. Comments under the Reddit post show players who are tired of Apex Legends; perhaps you are logging in just to complete your battle pass tasks before playing something else. At the time of writing, the post has gained 4,9 thousand votes.

What are the problems with Apex Legends?

The idea of No Apex August seems to stem from two main sources: the constant problems in the game and the lack of new, attractive content. The number of challenges faced by Apex Legends is too great to count, but some of them have been in the game since its launch in 2019. These include sound errors and bad servers that lead to delays and terrible hit logging. These old problems are compounded by new ones, such as the legendary Rafe becoming invincible when she uses her abilities and interacts with replicators, depriving players of control.

Although some of the new issues have been recently fixed, Respawn Entertainment is taking too long to fix them. Given that Apex Legends is a competitive first—person battle royale game, fixes that eliminate gameplay errors should be released more often. Compare this to how quickly developers fix cosmetic issues, and it’s not hard to see why players are more than a little annoyed by the way Apex Legends handles fixes.

The second question is content. Apex Legends is currently in its thirteenth season, but the content presented in the game is lacking. When the season started, the players got a new attraction on the Storm Point in the form of a Defeated Beast. They also have four small IMC arsenals scattered around the map. The two new map additions are pretty lackluster for Apex Legends, as past seasons have given players new maps and more gameplay variety. Even in the mid—season update, there was only one new addition – the Lifeline clinic on Olympus. Considering how much content has been released in previous seasons of Apex Legends, it’s no wonder why players feel that Respawn Entertainment is no longer giving its all.

Can an event change something?

Although the idea of No Apex August has spread throughout the community, the 4,900 “yes” votes represent a tiny fraction of the total Apex Legends player base. Because of this, fans are skeptical about the success of the boycott. If several thousand players stop playing Apex Legends, it may briefly reduce the number of players in the game, but it seems insignificant compared to the total number of players who enter the game and spend money on it.

Some comments on the Reddit post suggest that instead of not playing the game, Apex Legends players should refrain from buying cosmetics for the whole of August. This will hit the developer and publisher hard. Since Apex Legends is a free game, most of its revenue comes from cosmetics and a seasonal combat pass. Disrupting the flow of money during a good month, especially when the new season of Apex Legends is due to be released, can attract the attention of EA and Respawn Entertainment and force them to take action.

At the moment, there is about half a month left until the beginning of August. During this time, the number of votes for the August post No Apex Reddit may increase, and this movement may attract the attention of more players. This will lead to a much more successful event, which can either reduce the number of Apex Legends players, or reduce the number of people buying skins and a battle pass.