Explanation cameo actor in the TV series “Clinic” in the film “Ocken shastlivo Nativity kukol”


The cast of the “Clinic” played a special cameo role in the movie “Very Merry Christmas Muppets”. “The Clinic” is a classic sitcom of the 2000s, about a medical intern J.D., the pilot episode of which begins on his very first day at Sacred Heart Hospital. Zach Braff’s JD was prone to weird daydreams and digressions, but while the show was often very funny, it also took medical drama seriously. There were some heartbreaking scenes in The Clinic, and J.D. and the rest of the cast, including Elliot played by Sarah Chalke, Turk played by Donald Faison and Dr. Cox played by John C. McGinley, faced endless stress and injuries at work.

“The Clinic” was canceled after season 9, although the last season, which focused on a new group of medical students while the original cast played minor roles, is considered the worst. Although there is talk from time to time of reviving the “Clinic” in one form or another, this has not happened yet, and given the mixed success of most sitcom reboots, this may be for the best.

The actors of the “Clinic” also played a short but funny cameo role in the 2002 film “A Very Merry Muppets Christmas.” This holiday edition draws inspiration from the movie “This Wonderful Life,” in which Kermit the frog tries to save a Puppet Theater from a bank owner named Miss Bitterman, who wants to demolish it to build a nightclub. Kermit is also trying to find stars for his Christmas show, and is assisted by David Arquette from Scream 2022 as an angel. The cameo role of the cast of the “Clinic” in the movie “It’s a very merry Christmas with dolls” takes place in a scene where Miss Piggy “plays” with them.

The episodic scene of the movie “It’s a Very Merry Muppets Christmas” begins with what seems to be an ordinary episode of “The Clinic”, only for Miss Piggy to turn out to be a patient. Although she is supposed to be an extra, she instead offers to be part of the main cast and possibly replace Carla with Judy Reyes, who doesn’t like it, before Kermit begs Miss Piggy to return to the show. Since she was soon fired from her cameo role anyway, this leaves her with little choice, and she curses the cast of The Clinic when she leaves.

The cameo of the cast of The Clinic “It’s a Very Merry Christmas in a puppet movie” is short but sweet, with Braff, Faison, McGinley and Reyes appearing along with the Janitor (whose real name is Glenn Matthews), actor Neil Flynn and even creator Bill Lawrence. Other celebrity cameo roles in “It’s a Very Merry Christmas with Dolls” include Joe Rogen and Carson Daly, although the scene with Snoop Dogg was later cut, apparently due to appearances in X-rated projects around the time of the production of “It’s a Very Merry Christmas with Dolls.”