Explains what happened to Danny and Leslie last season

Danny Williams (Scott Caan, l.); Leslie (Kate Siegel, r.)

Despite the fact that the popular series Hawaii Five-0 ended, the curiosities and secrets of the program do not stop coming out, that even former producer Peter M. Lenkov himself has clarified a question to a fan of the program.

The doubts of one of the fans of Hawaii Five-0 arose in the episode of the last season titled, “I ho’olulu, ho’ohulei ‘ia e ka makani”, which means “There was a pause, and then the wind began blow”.

In the episode Danny Williams (Scott Cann) met Leslie (Kate Siegel) at a local bar. After talking and driving around, they were hit by an oncoming car that I know and ended up crashing into a ditch when Danny veered off the road.

Danny did his best to tend to her injuries, without taking her out of her seat. But by the time he was able to successfully stop a passing truck, Leslie was already dead.

“Was there a hidden purpose or reason to make Danny go through this heartbreak and trauma? It still confuses me.

Now a fan asked producer Peter M. Lenkov via Twitter the reason they did that to Danny. The producer of the program did not hesitate to respond as well.

Lenkov replied: “I thought it was a compelling story. Simple as that. And I knew [Scott Caan] would act wonderful. ”

But, Lenkov later agreed with another follower that when it comes to Caan’s Five-0 work over the years, the episode was “one of the best.”


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