Explained How To Be Safe On The Beach During Pandemic


While the coronavirus epidemic has continued to be effective worldwide for months, countries have slowly begun to return to normal in recent days. With the arrival of the summer months, people started preparations for sea holidays and there were questions about how to take measures against the virus on the beach.

Although it reduces its global pandemic effect, it is not yet finished. Countries that started to recover gradually with the measures taken successfully in the long term want to open the tourism season. However, there are many questions about how people can be safe on the beaches. A doctor conducting studies on the subject made some statements that could be the answer to these questions.

In a short article published by a physician named Claudia Finkelstein from Michigan State University, she explained what kind of measures people should take against coronavirus in the summer. Finkelstein reminded that the opening of the borders of the countries and the launch of the flights does not mean that the epidemic is over.

There is a lot of information missing about the virus:
Explaining that research on how immunity is gained is still going on, Finkelstein said the duration of exposure to the virus is a vital factor that determines the risk of transmission. Emphasizing that everyone was very bored at the end of the process and therefore the idea of ​​going to open areas is right, the doctor stated that it is absolutely necessary to take precautions on the beach.

Points to be considered on the beach underlined by the doctor:
At least two meters should be left.
Hands should be washed very often and disinfected after having to touch any surface.
Hands should be kept away from the face.
The mask should definitely be worn.
Places that are not popular during off-peak hours should be preferred.

Finkelstein, who warned not to enter crowded places unless obligatory, although the measures were increased, added that it is necessary to spend time with people who are sure to follow the quarantine rules if possible, if not alone. Although the doctor’s remarks are now measures for a compulsory escape for bored people, we think it may be a good option not to be in such areas before the epidemic is completely over.


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