Experts Work on Autonomous Driving The Most Approaching the Real Driver


A comfortable travel experience plays a crucial role in truly accepting the driverless cars of the community. The researchers prepared reports to bring us closer to this ideal comfort ride.

Experts have been working on a new optimization method that will be created for the purpose of following the route of autonomous vehicles. The experts, who published the first results of their research in Automatica Sinica Journal, made many new findings.

The experts, who said that a real driver thinks about more than one subject while driving and answers questions about them at the same time, listed these topics as topics such as how fast to go, how long to wait on the street, safety issues. In addition, it was decided that one of the most important points for safe and comfortable driving is the ideal route for the driver and passengers, and the ability to prioritize comfort in the system desired to be developed has become the focus of research.

The biggest problem is to follow the route
As a result of the researches, it was decided that the route tracking problem, which was clarified, actually caused a big problem for driverless vehicles. Providing a vehicle to follow a desired route as closely as possible within a certain period of time is something that sounds simple, it is not mathematically really at all simple.

“All this route-tracking task has to be done in what we call the” brain “of the autonomous vehicle,” said Kayvan Majd of Arizona State University. In our study, we have set a target that is difficult to achieve with route planning: The passenger vehicle in a self-driving car without driver should feel as if a real person is driving “.

Let us add that there have been several attempts to make these calculations in recent years, but major errors related to the route have been revealed in the meantime. What moves this new method forward so far seems to be the development of the route tracking system with minimal errors in terms of speed and acceleration. While the experts continue to work, we will see together what new news will come.


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