Experts Warn Windows Users About Malware ‘Lucifer’


Nowadays, with the rapidly developing technology, it is possible to handle almost all of our works using a computer, but this brings with it a number of problems and the biggest of these problems arises in terms of security. Security firms warned users about vulnerabilities in Windows PCs.

The issue of privacy and security is one of the things that all computer users care about. While everyone aims to protect their data in some way, the security companies that provide support in this regard try to provide guidance to the users from time to time. One of these halves has been done today, and Windows computer owners have been warned to watch out for new malware.

Experts reminded that the users in question must keep their computers up-to-date with various security patches and choose strong passwords. Giving examples of cryptocurrency mining, which was popular during the GPU shortage that occurred in the past years, security companies reminded that many malware was somehow dispersed during that time. The security experts said that after the control of the malware has not been worried about security since then, they have recently discovered a type of malware that can spread by itself.

The new found bad software was named ‘Lucifer’:

The researchers said that the malware they named Lucifer should not be confused with the previously found malware called Satan Ransomware. This software, which is said to be effective on unauthorized cryptocurrency mining, is said to be quite powerful and DDos attacks can spread to computer networks very quickly, while facilitating, and the first attack occurred on 10 June 2020. Action was also taken for the second part of the attack, followed in waves.

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Experts said that the most at risk were corporate companies, but they did not neglect to warn about their home computers. Emphasizing that the best defense against Lucifer software is to rely on the latest updates of Windows, experts recommended using strong passwords as a second step. Providing information that Lucifer is trying to infiltrate Windows systems intensely, the researchers said computers with usernames and passwords are weak.


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