Experts Warn About Coronavirus Hazards in Mobile Phones


While the coronavirus epidemic continues to affect our country, new measures are being added every day to the precautions to be taken. Since mobile phones, which have become a part of all of our lives, are among the areas where the virus can live, experts made important statements about this issue.

One of the important things that has been emphasized since the first day about the coronavirus epidemic, which is badly affecting every country worldwide, stands out as the measures to be taken. Scientists from many countries continue to work on the subject. Microbiology and Infectious Diseases Specialist from our country. Nurullah Dikmen made very important warnings about the mobile phones we used during the virus epidemic. Dikmen stated that the phones must be cleaned every few hours.

Emphasizing that the coronavirus can remain alive on mobile phones for up to several hours, Dikmen drew attention to the magnitude of the risk. Dr. In the Dikmen statement, first of all, attention is paid to hand hygiene and mobile phones are frequently touched during the day, and that cleaning should never be neglected, saying, “It is useful to try not to keep mobile phones for a long time when unsafe, unknown places are touched. In addition, we should pay maximum attention to hand hygiene. In places where hand washing is not possible, hands should be cleaned with disinfectants. ”

It should be cleaned every few hours:
Underlining that we are at a time when virus spread can be very fast, Dikmen said, “We should clean mobile phones every few hours. It is beneficial to clean the surfaces so as not to damage mobile phones. At this point, it will be sufficient to wipe with hand solutions and alcohol-based antiseptics or cologne for a couple of hours with solutions recommended for hand antisepsis, but more importantly, it is to pay attention to hand hygiene. ”

How to clean cell phones?
After all these warnings, an information note about how to clean the mobile phones was published on the support page of a mobile phone manufacturer. Speaking to citizens who are wondering what to do when cleaning cell phones known as sensitive devices, you can “wipe the outer surfaces of your phone lightly using 70% isopropyl alcohol wipes or disinfectant wipes. Do not use bleaching agents. Do not expose the openings to moisture and immerse your device in any cleaning agent.


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