Experts Say Carbon Dioxide Level Is Reaching Dangerous Points


Scientists examining atmospheric carbon dioxide levels announced that CO2 broke a record in its new report. It is said that the carbon dioxide gas, which causes the Earth to heat up gradually by holding the heat, has created a number of serious changes.

We all learned how serious the coronavirus epidemic is effective worldwide, by experiencing the process. In the midst of such a health crisis, other factors threatening the existence of humanity were somewhat forgotten. The most important of these is, of course, global warming. According to the results of the studies conducted by experts, all conditions such as the warming of the ocean waters, dying reefs, strong storms are all directly related to climate change.

Experts working on the subject remind that this situation is dangerous even from the coronavirus, which can be easily prevented by the right treatment and successful vaccination studies. According to reports released recently, the highest atmospheric carbon dioxide level measured to date was recorded in April. The measurement revealed a 17% carbon dioxide rate in the atmosphere, revealing that the first reason for this was human activity (burning fossil fuels).

The planet is slowly warming up:

Carbon dioxide is known to be a greenhouse gas and it has been proven that such gases accumulate in the atmosphere and gradually heat the planet. Although there are decreases in the amount of greenhouse gas detected in the atmosphere at some times, it is not difficult to see that the level increases sharply over time when looking at the big picture. The effects of this situation on the planet are quite large. The increase in ocean temperature that caused the reef system to die and the big and powerful storms that occurred are just the beginning. The fire caused by the drought danger and the danger of extinction of many species living both on the sea and on land are also a result of unbearable climatic conditions.

Scientists also say that historical data on carbon dioxide levels date back to the late 1950s, and then comparing the recorded information with the current ones will produce alarming results. Looking at the data, it is really anxious to see that the amount of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere has increased by 31%. Experts’ research on the subject continues without slowing down.


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