Experts Explain The Way To Clean N95 Masks Using Microwave Oven


While the effects of the coronavirus have started to diminish to some extent worldwide, experts repeat that the most important thing is the use of masks. An emerging study shows how to decontaminate very common N95 type masks.

The coronavirus, which appeared in China at the end of last year and spread to the world in a short period of time, infected many people during the months of its effectiveness and caused many casualties. Every country where the virus is seen took various precautions and a new way of life was adopted. The effects of the outbreak have generally weakened lately, but the measures have not yet been completely relaxed. Masks are one of the greatest helpers of people in protecting against the virus and preventing the possibility of transmission.

Nowadays, unmasked streets are forbidden in many cities and people are trying to comply with this rule. In this case, it is very important how the masks used to be protected and free from viruses as well as the importance of using masks. Scientists have explained how most of the N95 masks are free from viruses using the microwave oven evaporation method available in the human’s home. It was reported that the developed method was made with existing materials at home and killed viruses.

Microwave oven first material:

Let’s add from the very beginning that the shortage of masks taken worldwide allows scientists to develop this new method. Taking action to reuse masks that need to be disposable, experts say they can achieve a result by performing a series of tests to ensure that decontamination is safe using simple tools. Decontamination simply means reducing or removing chemicals.

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In the experiment developed by the researchers, water was placed in a glass container and a N95 mask coated with a stronger virus than coronavirus was placed on the net fixed with a rubber on the container. After a 3-minute time adjustment to the microwave, it was observed that there was no virus on the mask. Experts warn people that masks should be as single-use as possible, even though the situation says that this is due to the spring of water and works for now.


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