Expert: These 5 Altcoins Are The Best Metaverse Gaming Coins!


The expert talked about the top 5 metaverse game projects in 2021. Game companies seem to be committed to making the metaverse a permanent part of our lives. According to expert Calev Ford, Bloktopia, Decentraland, The Sandbox, Highstreet, MetaHero are the top 5 game metaverses.

Shining star of metaverse crypto

In the digital world, the term “metaverse” has gotten a lot of attention lately. With a few big tech companies focusing on a futuristic medium like Facebook and Epic Games, the word is catching the attention of online consumers. In this context, the expert examines the top 5 game metaverse projects that have the potential to rise this year. First on the list is Bloktopia, NFT in Bloktopia comes in the form of REBLOK, ADBLOCK and JOBE, which generate revenue through virtual real estate and advertising. According to the expert, BLOCK tokens are a great opportunity for income. Second, Decentraland is one of the first metaverse platforms built on the Ethereum network. The project allows individuals to purchase a limited number of in-game plots. In addition, the owner can earn, develop and sell MANA for profit.

Third is Sandbox, a user-generated platform with its own NFT marketplace where players can buy and sell in-game land and properties for a more immersive experience. Transaction within the platform is done via its native token SAND. Fourth, the in-game NFT character Highstreet, known as FOMO Ducks, allows users to buy, sell, and own real-life items. Also, users will be able to earn HIGH tokens just by playing the game or completing missions. Fifth, MetaHero brings platform 3D scanning and modeling technology to a metadata warehouse. By partnering with Wolf Studio, users easily turn their real-world assets into NFTs for the metaverse. The native token HERO is used for transactions within the platforms.