Experiment in Battlefield 2042 Shows Crashes In Game Hitbox


Battlefield 2042: Experiments carried out in Battlefield 2042 demonstrated serious problems in the game’s hitbox system, especially in situations where the server is under stress. The main issue is in the recording of hits hit, as certain bullets can hit your target and not do damage to it.

Who carried out the tests was YouTuber Jackfrags, which confirmed the existence of these problems in a video recently posted on its channel.

Fans of the franchise have complained about inconsistency in the shootings
It all started when fans of the franchise started complaining on several forums about inconsistencies in the shootings of the newest Battlefield. This is due to several factors, some of which have even been fixed in the latest patch.

This is the case of the excessive spread of shots, which made it excessively difficult to hit opponents, even when using the gun sight. Problems such as alignment errors in the characters’ hiboxes are still to be resolved in the next updates.

Server fails to record accurate shots in certain situations

In his experiment, Jackfrags showed that there is yet another problem in Battlefield 2042, which arises when there are too many players in the same area. When the server is overloaded, it may simply not register shots that actually hit your opponents.

Tests show that this element of the game is affected by a number of factors, including the quality of the connection to the server, tickrate, ping, packet loss and netcode (which is how the game handles data).

Test shows hit record issues even when character reacts to shot

To replicate the situation where the problem occurs, Jackfrags set up a server with bots and went to the roof of building C1 on the Kaleidoscope Breakthrough map. The location was chosen because it usually gathers a large number of players during the match.

As soon as the scene starts to get more chaotic — with smoke grenades, explosions and characters being revived — the server starts ignoring some shots. This is even clearer in moments where the character’s 3D model twitches from being shot and blood flies across the screen.

This is all the more problematic with the new 128-player maps, which are larger and place an especially heavy load on the servers. According to VG24/7, games in the Battlefield franchise have a history of netcode issues at launch.

This type of error tends to take a long time to correct. In Battlefield 4, it took a year to do that. In Battlefield 1, the process took a few months.