Experiment Hate Strawberry on Sight Shakes Social Media (Video)


A trend that started among TikTok users managed to sit on the agenda of all social media. People who washed their strawberries with warm brine saw that little wolves emerged from their strawberries.

If you entered Twitter today, you can see that the # strawberry label is on the agenda. The reason why this fruit, which many people consume, is on the agenda is a trend initiated by TikTok users.

In this current started by TikTok users, people wash their strawberries with salt water. What makes the strawberry agenda starts here. It is seen that little wolves come out of the strawberries washed with salt water.

Insects and worms coming out of strawberries:

The fly, called cherry vinegar fly, lays its eggs inside the strawberries. When strawberries are washed with warm salt water, they appear as small eggs, white worms. So why?

The Sriyanka Lahiri from the University of Florida explains this situation as follows: “So insidious that this is the only type of pest that can reach the markets. This species can create slits that are too beautiful to be seen with the naked eye and lay their eggs there. ”

The American Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has a guideline on the level of safety, including insects, in the meals we eat. According to the FDA, it is not possible to completely remove all pests from food without using huge amounts of pesticides.

Of course, this situation seems to us “abnormal” for now, but there are also people who prefer to eat insects among their daily foods. The United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization estimates that 2 billion people worldwide eat insects as part of their daily diet.

Perhaps many of us had agreed that we ate a few insects while eating fresh fruits and vegetables, or in our daily life, but did it really need video proofing; we leave the answer to you.


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