Experienced Analyst Shared Altcoins and Strategies He Bought for 2022!


Veteran crypto trader Lark Davis shared his altcoin projects and strategy in his recent YouTube video, which he thinks can generate high returns in 2022. Let’s take a quick look at Davis’ long-term altcoin basket.

Analyst always gives share to crypto giants

Lark Davis, whose analysis we share as Somanews, says that in his crypto investment strategy, the market “sharply” gives a share to the two largest cryptocurrencies. The analyst’s long-term Bitcoin strategy is to add while holding BTC. Davis also evaluates each “bottom” price and keeps his investment active. As for Ethereum, ETH is also the analyst’s long-term investment. Davis says he’s adding to his ETH every chance he gets, putting most of his profits into passive income in his farming ponds. So, which altcoins does Davis stay away from? Let’s continue with this question…

What altcoin projects does the analyst prefer?

Davis says that NFTs are the first crypto industry not in his strategy and he does not plan to invest much in NFTs. However, the analyst invests a small amount in some NFTs he likes. According to Davis, the profit rates of NFTs are uncertain and unstable. Therefore, investors who want to give NFTs a share in their portfolio may prefer a small portion for this.

The second altcoin sector, which the analyst does not prefer for long-term investment, is the first layer (Layer-1) Blockchain protocols. According to Davis, there are no investment opportunities here. Analyst big return opportunities do not invest in Solana and Avalanche. However, it is buying games built on Layer-1 Blockchains on Solana, DeFi projects on Avalanche, games and DeFi on Polygon. This is where the big money will be made, according to the analyst.

So, what area does Lark Davis invest in?

Play-win gaming platforms are the first industry that the experienced analyst plans to invest his money in. The analyst says these projects are warm and compatible with the metaverse. According to Davis, investors of gaming altcoins may be the first to jump on a big trend that will continue through 2022. The second sector that the analyst will consider in 2022 is DeFis. Decentralized finance projects launched many innovative products in 2021 and are at the heart of cryptocurrencies. According to the analyst, the first opportunities in DeFi are to evaluate the farming potentials of altcoin blockchains to start some ecosystem play early. Finally, the analyst says that farming options could be considered to generate passive income from stablecoins.