Experienced Analyst Announced Altcoin Bag: Here is the Complete List!


Altcoin analyst Rookie with 271,000 followers shared the altcoin basket in a new tweet dated December 4. You can find the full list in the video below. In the rest of the article, we take a look at the latest price movements of a selection of 10 altcoin projects.


Let’s take a look at 10 altcoin projects from the analyst’s list

One of the most notable projects on the list, Elrond is a Blockchain protocol that aims to offer extremely fast transaction speeds using sharding. It is accompanied by an increase of 16% to $ 323.95 today.

Good Games Guild (GGG) is a Gaming Center that aims to create the largest virtual world economy by sponsoring millions of play-to-play players. GGG price is offsetting the recent decline by 6% and is trading at $7.62.

Next up is YetiSwap, the DEX platform running on Avalanche, using the same automated market creation (AMM) model as Uniswap. It is trading at $0.03638.

KAKA NFT WORLD is a competitive gaming ecosystem platform focused on the metaverse Blockchain gaming industry. It is currently trading 62% below its $5.05 ATH.


Yield Parrot is an aggregator and optimizer built into Binance Smart Chain. LORY on Rookie’s list is trading at $0.3257. We can add that the August 29 ATH is trading below 94.61%.

Bloktopia (BLOK), one of the metaverse coin projects, is on the list. BLOK had one of the best performances among metaverse coin projects in the last quarter of the year. It is currently trading 45.66% below its ATH of $0.1777.

YAY Games is an innovative Dapp that acts as a decentralized game publisher by bringing together a wide variety of games focusing on play-to-win, NFTs and DeFi. It is up 17% today and is trading at $0.05776.

Mars Ecosystem is a new decentralized stablecoin paradigm that solves the fundamental problem of Stablecoin Protocols (Positive Externality Problem). XMS is currently trading at $0.4047.

The analyst’s altcoin basket includes Polkadot (DOT). The interoperability network is making up for the December 3 dream, up 2% today.