Too expensive! Snapdragon 865 is overlooked by Google and LG


Leader in the mobile processor market, Qualcomm is currently experiencing a problem in the sector: it made a product that is both too good and too expensive, causing smartphone manufacturers to put it aside in search of savings.

According to Arstechnica, the situation occurs with the Snapdragon 865, a processor intended for top-of-the-line phones in 2020. Several companies have opted for a cheaper model from Qualcomm’s own family, avoiding costs above the programmed with the chip. Some rumors about the Pixel 5, from Google, indicate that it will have as component the Snapdragon 765G – which is in a family of processors just below the main one.

The same happens with LG and Nokia: the LG G9 ThinQ and Nokia 8.3, respectively the most powerful of these companies planned for the coming months, should also adopt the same Snapdragon 765G.

What happened?
The problem is that recent top-of-the-line smartphones, with increasingly modern components and support for 5G, are becoming too expensive to manufacture, which consequently reflects in the price.

The need to use Qualcomm’s own X55 modem as a separate part that guarantees connectivity practically forces 5G support on devices with the Snapdragon 865, something that not all companies want for 2020.

This is quite understandable when analyzing the market situation: several countries do not yet have the new generation mobile network, including large consumer markets such as Brazil itself.

The Snapdragon 765G ends up being the most chosen also because it has an integrated 5G modem and is more economical in space and energy consumption. In addition, there are competitors also eyeing this market, such as MediaTek, which also offers cheap solutions for more intermediate devices.


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