Expected Release Time of Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak Expansion


It’s a big week for Monster Hunter Rise fans, as a massive expansion of Sunbreak is due out very soon. The expansion not only adds new monsters to the game, but also some fan favorites that are also returning, and players can prepare to explore several new biomes and check out the new center of the main village.

Hunters who want to upgrade to the new expansion as quickly as possible can use this guide to find out about the expected release time of Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak in both the Nintendo Switch eShop and Steam. Although Capcom has not officially confirmed anything yet, there are some potential release dates that may turn out to be actual. Okay, let’s figure it out.

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Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak Release Time
Steam release time

Again, Capcom has not said anything about the official release time; however, there is a countdown timer on the Sunbreak add-on page on Steam, and if this is correct, the extension should be released around 12:00 PM ET on June 30, 2022. This means that players on the west coast of the USA (Seattle, Los Angeles, etc.) will get access to Sunbreak around 21:00 Pacific time.

And as for Steam users in other time zones, here’s a summary of the expected release time:

4:00 UTC 30 June 5:00 BST 30 June 13:00 JST 30 June 14:00 AEST 30 June 16:00 NZST 30 June

Switch the release time of the online store

According to Nintendo’s official support page for new eShop releases, “digital-only software will usually be available at 9:00 am Pacific Time on the day of release.” Since this is DLC content and not a full release, the time may be different, but it is very likely that the winner will be 9:00 Pacific time.

Here are some other time zones for the release time of Sunbreak on Switch:

10:00 MT June 30 11:00 CT June 30 12:00 ET June 30 16:00 UTC June 30 17:00 BST June 30

How much does the Sunbreak DLC cost?

Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak costs $39.99 on Switch and Steam. It is worth noting that in order to start the expansion of Sunbreak, players will need to purchase the basic version of Monster Hunter Rise and get to a certain point in history. In particular, players will need to complete the 7-star Hub Quest: Serpent Goddess of Thunder.

A demo version of Sunbreak has now been released, which allows players to fight a couple of different monsters, including a super-complex quest to destroy the expansion’s flagship monster, Malzen.

Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak is released on June 30 on Nintendo Switch and PC (via Steam).