Expected: PUBG banned millions of accounts


Although not as much as before, the biggest problem in PUBG Mobile, which is still popular and has become a game known to everyone from seven to seventy, was the increase of cheating accounts. Tencent launched a comprehensive fight against cheating accounts last week and announced the latest situation.

Over 2 million bans in PUBG Mobile cheat operation!

With the sharing made on PUBG Mobile’s official Twitter account, it was announced that access to more than 2 million accounts involved in cheating, scripting or hacking activities was permanently blocked in the operation called “Ban Pan” between December 11 and 17.

It was stated that 31 percent of the 2 million banned accounts changed their character models, and 18 percent used the X-ray image trick. Among other ban reasons, activities such as speed fraud and changing the damage area were shown.


It also revealed the levels of their cheating accounts. The majority of these accounts were bronze accounts with 22 percent. Bronze accounts were followed by diamond and platinum with 15 percent.

It was stated that the most used account group of cheating was conqueror with 2 percent. A similar ban for the game occurred in August, but only certain devices were prevented from running the game. No device information was given for Ban Pan ban.

Earlier this year, Infinity Ward, who we know from the Call of Duty series, also performed a similar operation. The company, which carries out ban operations in Call of Duty: Warzone and Modern Warfare, banned more than 20,000 accounts in October on the grounds that it used cheating.

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