Expected news from Google for TikTok and Instagram!


It can edit for the world’s most popular search engine Google, TikTok and Instagram. The company has contacted Facebook and ByteDance!


TikTok, which has become popular all over the world and has millions of users, has also affected other social media platforms in a short time. Applications with large audiences, especially Instagram and YouTube, have arranged various features in TikTok and presented them to their users.

These platforms have grown their audiences with the short videos they contain. However, Google has not added a section for these applications to its search engine for a long time. People searching the internet had to go directly to TikTok and Instagram to find the video they wanted. But this may soon change. Google can directly display TikTok and Reels videos.

Google will create categories for TikTok and Instagram Reels

Competing with these two platforms with YouTube Shorts, Google was attracting people to its own application in the search engine. Finding a video on TikTok by searching on Google was more difficult than on Shorts. However, the information revealed today showed that the ‘Short videos’ section will be available soon.

‘Short videos’ section coming soon to Google

Google contacted top organizations to index and rank videos on TikTok and Instagram Reels. If the company agrees with ByteDance and Facebook, a section called ‘Short videos’ will welcome you in your searches. In this way, access to the content on Reels and TikTok will be much easier.

In addition, the American giant made such an attempt in 2020 and tested the feature. However, the end user has never been able to access this function.

TikTok app

It is expected that the possible arrangement to be made will be clarified as a result of the negotiations between the companies. It is quite possible that these two platforms, which are struggling with YouTube Shorts, are warm to Google’s offer. However, what Google wants is also important here. So much so that the world’s largest search engine will not play into the hands of these rival organizations.

It is not known what kind of offer Google will make to Facebook and ByteDance. Let’s see what kind of development will take place on the social media front in the coming days. How often do you use TikTok, Reels and Shorts? What are your thoughts on the platforms? You can specify in the comments.



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