Expectations of Ethereum Developers from 2021


Ethereum developers Ryan Sean Adams, David Hoffman and Lucas Campbell; They shared their expectations for 2021 in a jointly prepared blog post. In the article, which includes estimates on the Ethereum price and the DeFi sector, a target of $ 2,500 was given for the ETH price.

Ryan Sean Adams, David Hoffman and Lucas Campbell trio are known for their contribution to the Ethereum ecosystem, as well as the Bankless program they co-produced. Three names included their predictions for 2021 in their latest article for Bankless.

Ethereum price could be $ 2,500

The common expectation of these three developers is that the price of Ether will exceed $ 2,500 before the end of the year. Adams, Hoffman and Campbell; He thinks that the ethereum network, which mediates $ 1 trillion worth of transactions during 2020, could mediate $ 3 trillion in transactions this year. These three names working in the DeFi sector; expects at least two DeFi protocols to enter the top 10 cryptocurrencies this year.

Adams personally believes stablecoins will exceed $ 250 billion in total market value. Hoffman; He expects USDC to begin to rival USDT in terms of supply and that all stablecoins will be Ethereum-based.

General estimates of regulations

In the article, some predictions were shared about the regulations and the attitude of official institutions against cryptocurrencies. These three people think that by 2021, at least two different major banks will use the Ethereum network to improve financial transactions.

It is predicted that China’s digital yuan project will be implemented and the US will begin to consider the digital dollar issue much more seriously than it is now. Another thing that is thought to be implemented is Facebook’s digital money project called Diem. But Hoffman is of the opinion that this project will not have great repercussions.

One of Hoffman’s most alleged predictions was about Tron. Hoffman; He thinks the SEC can sue Tron for securities, just as it did with XRP.


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