Exotic Destiny 2 needs major repairs before daylight


The age of the Witch Queen Destiny 2 has brought several fundamental changes to the game cycle and the ability for players to create their own builds in order to cope with the type of content they want. This is achieved through a healthy mix of sandbox upgrades for weapons and how they work, as well as Light subclass tweaks that aim to make each of the elements more like a Stasis from Beyond Light through Aspects and Fragments rather than skill trees. While these changes are a fantastic addition to Destiny 2’s challenging sandbox, it’s worth taking a look at the state of the game’s exotics at the moment before launching the Lightfall expansion next year.

With each new season in Destiny 2, Bungie usually adds at least one brand new exotic item for each class and at least one new exotic weapon included in the season pass, but usually these are two weapons per season, and additional weapons can be obtained from dungeons or raids. . Starting with Season of the Haunted, each class has a total of 36 exotic items to choose from in terms of armor, followed by a total of 94 exotic weapons, but not all of them are as useful as one might think. In fact, Destiny 2 players often gravitate towards a handful of exotic armors and weapons to use in all game modes, a number that is probably somewhere around the approximate level of 12-15 exotic items.

Destiny 2 has too many useless exotics or those that are hard to get

The fact that there are so many exotic items in Destiny 2 that are mostly never used in any game mode is worrying in itself, but if you take into account that Bungie keeps adding more of them every season, the loot pool and usage percentage are both diluted. This means that getting all the exotics becomes more challenging with each new season, especially when you consider that exotic armor pieces have random feature rolls that can make them great or terrible depending on the builds and combinations that players want to try. For example, the Vex Mythoclast is still one of the rarest exotics in Destiny 2 overall, and while Bungie’s new dungeon and raid rotation system may make the job less tedious, it’s not enough to guarantee a dropout.

Many Destiny 2 Raid weapons end up being the rarest in the game due to how much they depend on the RNG in terms of dropout, and most of them aren’t even among the best exotic items available because they mostly have niche features. The consequence of this is that raid exotics tend to be recycled later to make them more valuable in the current meta, which often changes so dramatically between seasons that it’s hard to balance everything around it. And yet, there are many exotic non-raid weapons that are stored indefinitely in vaults or requested on the Collection tab when needed, because they are practically useless in everyday content.

When it comes to farming exotic armors, Destiny 2’s lost sectors are the only place where players have even a little bit of control over what they get, given that exotic items change daily depending on their slots, and players can use the Ghost mod to focus stats. However, getting the exact characterization and distribution that players need is not an easy task due to the terrible odds of falling out in the Lost Sectors and due to the huge loot pool, which is usually the largest for exotic weapons, to the point that most classes have at least eleven exotic ones in just this category. With the addition of new exotic items, the probability of getting the items players need with the right throws for their builds becomes quite low.

Why Bungie Should Revisit Destiny 2 Exotics Before Lightfall

Since the Light 3.0 updates happen one at a time each season, and since they are Bungie’s way of improving the build overall in Destiny 2, Season 19 will look a bit shallow compared to any other season of Year 5. While balancing Exotics is not a difficult task in the current state of things, the Exotics 2.0 patch would be extremely useful for the durability of the game and the ability to better select builds for all activities. An example of this is the fact that only a few current exotic armors and weapons interact with Void 3.0 and Solar 3.0 updates, whereas instead this percentage can be much higher and make these items more useful to obtain and use.

In addition, there are several exotic items in the game that don’t really make sense in the current state of the game because their perks are more “vanilla” than the newly introduced items, for example, exotic items such as Sealed Ahamkara Grasps, Eternal Warrior, or Ahamkara Claws.