EXO’s Sehun Releases Cryptic ‘?’ Teaser – Will There Be an OSH1?


EXO-L and Xunqis, rejoice! EXO’s Sehun is finally coming out with new content!

What is it about? Keep reading to learn more.

Sehun has released an intriguing solo teaser — is he hinting at his solo debut?

On January 4, the official EXO social media platforms aroused the curiosity of K-pop and EXO-L fans (EXO fandom) after uploading a new teaser.

In the 33-second clip, Sehun infuriated fans after appearing to swim in the pool and appeared to be talking to another guy off-screen.

In the next scene, the idol continued to happily talk to someone while enjoying a meal.

Dressed in the same uniform, Sehun was seen in the car, and the “?” symbol (Question mark) appeared, arousing the interest of the audience, especially Eris and Shunkisa (Sehun’s fans). It is reported that the video was shot in Checheon.

Both the video and the post showed the symbol “?” without any context other than the release date of the content, that is, January 5, 2023 at 22:00 Moscow time. kst.

As soon as the teaser was unveiled, fans expressed their curiosity and excitement about what it was about.

Some fans speculate that this may be a hint at the release of the idol’s solo show on the EXO channel on YouTube.

Meanwhile, some claimed it could have been Sehun teasing them about opening his personal YouTube channel, and the teaser was a glimpse of his first video blog.

However, others believe it could be more than that. Xunqis brought back Sehun’s post from his old Instagram account (xlkslb_ccdtks) and they came across an idol post in 2014 showing the same question mark (?).

Among EXO members, Sehun is known as a huge “Spoiler King”; thus, fans are not surprised if he started preparing for this new content nine years ago and teased fans about it.

That’s why fans don’t think it’s just a coincidence. Eris (EXO-L) also noticed that Sehun even considered the release date 5(오), which means “o”, which is similar to his surname “O”.

After the fans saw this, they left comments like:

“Sehun debuts as a solo artist?”
“OSH1 is coming?”
“Sehun has finally come, everyone!”

EXO will return in 2023

Indeed, 2023 is the year of Eris with upcoming EXO releases!

Starting with EXO’s viral rendition of “The First Snow” and “Love Shot” at the SMCU PALACE concert, Sehun will spend time with fans after releasing his new content.

On February 5, EXO’s Baekhyun will be a Valentine’s Day gift for EXO-L, as he is finally discharged from the army.

This means that OT9 EXO will most likely celebrate their 11th debut anniversary together on April 8th.

In this regard, leader Suho has already announced that EXO will return this year. This will be their first full album after the release of the special album “DON’T FIGHT THE FEELING” in 2021.


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