EXO’s Lay Inspires New Fanfiction-Based Film


The fanfiction has more than 6 million readings on Wattpad. EXO’s Lay will have a movie inspired by him and based on an idol fanfiction.

In K-pop, there has been a tradition that some fans take inspiration from their bias or group members to write stories, especially on platforms like Wattpad or AO3, there are several girls who have shown great talent As writers and their stories get millions of readings that get published, we tell you all the details.

According to some Korean portals, it was revealed that Lay inspired a novel called “My teacher, my husband”, a story written by an Indonesian fan, who managed to get a publisher to publish her work, although she had to make some changes, such as the character main and plot details to be consistent with the culture of your country.

The success of the story was such that the rights to make a movie of the book were acquired . So far, there is no release date, but it is news that will certainly surprise EXO-L. In the world of cinema, there have been different fanfictions that were published in physics and reached the big screen, such as After, the drama “Love by chance” or Divergent, which was a school work by the author.

Information about the film “My teacher, my husband” reveals that the actor Reza Rahadian will be the protagonist. There is no release date and it is not known when the recordings will begin.

This is a project that demonstrates Lay’s popularity within K-pop, inspiring a girl who managed to fulfill her dreams thanks to a romance story. The original fanfiction can still be found on the Wattpad platform and has over 6 million reads.

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It is not known if Lay is aware of this project, but it is a great way to demonstrate the love that his fans have for him. The stories that fans create are usually about the bromances between one of the members or about their bias.

Recently, the idol released his new album LIT , he is known for his great vocal talent and dance ability, although he has stayed away from promotions with EXO.


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