EXO’s Kai teleports in new teasers for his debut album


EXO’s Kai shows a futuristic side in the new teasers for ‘KAI (开)’, his first solo album. One of SM agency’s most experienced dancers is ready to take his first solo jump. After several years of waiting and months of uncertainty, the EXO idol will finally surprise his fans with his first project and revealed new previews of his mini album “’KAI (开)”, where he shows a very “Joker” style image. .

Through their official social media, EXO revealed the new previews for ‘KAI (开)’, Kai’s first solo mini album, considered one of the best dancers in K-pop. The new teasers is a video and a series of photos that show the most powerful side of the idol, as he decided to return to the concept of the group under which he was created.

Since their debut, EXO introduced themselves as idols with superpowers coming from the EXOplanet, so Kai decided to make use of their abilities that defy the laws of physics: teleportation. The dancer also modeled with two different outfits and showed a crazy makeover.


The new preview shows a video clip of Kai, who appears sitting on a black leather chair in the middle of a completely white room, something that could be considered as the void in space, seconds later, the idol decides to move his hands and teleport to another stage. The first outfit he wore was a white suit and a jacket of the same color that highlights his neon green hair.

In the second images, Kai is on a truck full of flowers and wears a gray suit, showing his most professional and elegant side, an outfit that he complemented with vintage glasses, a spoiler that the idol had already shared on his social networks without EXO -L imagine it was his debut.

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Kai also decided to include the famous easter eggs in the teaser for ‘KAI (开)’, the car license plate that appears is his date of birth, marking a new era for his career. The rest of the teaser and photos show the dancer with the outfit in white, in the middle of a physical plane from another dimension, illuminated by a laser that highlights a green mullet inspired by “The Joker”.

These will be Kai’s first makeovers, as the idol has planned to model with 10 different outfits. His style stole the gaze from EXO-L by painting his body with phosphorescent paint and sporting some tattoos on his abs, chest, back, and arms. His comeback will take place on November 30, making him the fifth member of EXO to do so.

The EXO idol follows the sign of Capricorn, find out how compatible you are with him and the relationship you would have.


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