EXO’s Kai reveals how he feels about being an idol


Being an idol can be very complicated and Kai opened his heart by confessing if he feels pressured by the responsibility that being a music star gives him.

Kai is an excellent dancer, but his skills as a vocalist and rapper are not far behind. This idol has shown his talents since his debut, so after several years in the music industry he reflected on what he’s been up to and how he feels about it.

This happened when Kai gave a very special interview for Esquire magazine, where he posed for some photos and also revealed the feelings that he harbors in his heart after some time in the world of celebrities.

The boy born in Seoul during 1994 talked about his work in recent years with EXO, and also mentioned the new stage of his career as a member of Super M. But Kai’s gaze is not on his successes, but also on his his future projects as a solo music release.

Despite all the work that Kai has done throughout this time, he considers that his essence and his heart remain the same, so it is very easy for him to enjoy the activities he is focused on, since he also it’s about something that makes you very happy.

In this space, the idol also recalled the nickname ‘Center Master’ that he has earned through the years, although his modesty came out when he explained that it is only because he is usually in the center during EXO’s presentations because of be a principal dancer.

Although he admitted that he sometimes feels pressured to maintain energy during a show, he pointed out that EXO is a group where members create good teamwork and can complement each other, making their job easier.

In any case, Kai shared that if he feels nervous, he tries to focus more on the emotions required for each melody instead of turning over the thoughts that invade him, in this way it is also easier for him to adapt to different styles of dance.

The experience of this idol is notorious both in his words and in his stage presence, so the recognition of the fans is always present when he steps on stage.

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