EXO’s Dio, Lee Se Hee and Ha Joon explain why they decided to star in “Bad Prosecutor”, describe their chemistry and more


The main stars of “Bad Prosecutor” explained their decision to star in the drama!

On October 5, KBS 2TV’s “Bad Prosecutor” held an online press conference at which actors D.O. from EXO, Lee Se Hee and Ha Joon, as well as director of Photography (PD) Kim Sung Ho talked about the drama.

Bad Prosecutor” tells about an ill-mannered prosecutor with criminal tendencies who believes in fighting for justice by any means. to do. He will play Jin Jung, a titled “bad prosecutor” who is determined to destroy those who use wealth and power to live above the law.

Lee Se Hee plays Shin Ah Ra, a cold-blooded and very competent senior prosecutor with the character of tsundere. Due to their polar opposite personalities, she and Jin Jung don’t always get along, but nevertheless, they still work together. Ha Joon plays Oh Do Hwan, a fiercely ambitious prosecutor who is determined to rise to the top by any means necessary.

This drama will be the first for D.O in four years, as well as his first after being discharged from the army in January last year. He commented: “Since I’m greeting everyone for the first time in four years, I was very nervous. On the contrary, I was also very excited.”

to do. he chose his character as the reason why he wanted to star in “Bad Prosecutor”, explaining: “I think I was more gentle than I thought. Now, to express Jin Jeong, I changed my hairstyle, tried on extravagant outfits and worked very hard to demonstrate my tone and behavior in a different way. It was so embarrassing because I didn’t usually wear his style. I also got a perm for the first time since my debut.”

He added: “Since Jin Jung’s character is so bright and lively, I thought it would be a lot of fun. The aspect that sets him apart is that he is incredibly frivolous. This will become his hallmark.”

Lee Se Hee returned to KBS after starring in their popular weekend drama “Young Lady and Gentleman.” As for her character Shin Ah Ra, the actress shared: “Since this is the role of the prosecutor, I wanted to demonstrate her responsibility and charisma professionally. On the other hand, she has a light and comedic side. I wanted to show it too. Instead of feeling pressure as a prosecutor, she has to prove herself as a senior prosecutor, so I acted by focusing on that.”

Ha Joon noticed: “This time [I’m playing] an angry character, so I’m going to get a lot of hate. I’ve been thinking about what I can do to get even more hate. The story is that my character wants to get promoted quickly, but a strange man appears and angers him. I think he will become a character that you can despise to your heart’s content.”

Producer Kim Sung Ho explained that the action scenes in the drama will be both cool and comedic, inspired by Jackie Chan and works such as Mission Impossible.

It also turned out that, despite the many battle scenes, D.O. did not prepare for them separately. Lee Se Hee expressed her admiration for this by sharing: “It was so interesting to watch on the set. If he had been instructed once, he would have been able to do it right away. When I asked how he was so good, he said it was because he always had to memorize dance moves well when he was doing choreography.” to do. added: “The choreography [experience] helped a lot. When I dance, I need to memorize the movements quickly. Since I’m used to it, I had fun doing it on set as well.”

Regarding the trio’s acting chemistry, Lee Se Hee and Ha Joon both praised D.O., and Lee Se Hee said: “To begin with, Kyung Soo [D.O] so good. He has a lot to learn. Kyung-soo is always relaxed on set. It doesn’t matter who gives it to him, he can take it well. I’m not like that. Our chemistry is 99.5 points.”

Ha Joon commented, “Our atmosphere on set couldn’t have been better. I became a fan of [Do Kyung-soo]. Both his character and the atmosphere were great, and when you look at Jin Chong from the viewer’s side, his eyes are big, clear and good-natured, but he’s a little crazy. I think this is the greatest [key] moment [of the drama]. Seeing that look in front of me was exciting. I felt like I had become a successful fan.”


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