EXO’s Dio Is Ready to Kill Some Bad Guys in the new drama “Bad Prosecutor”


KBS 2TV has presented a new poster for the upcoming drama “Bad Prosecutor”!

“Bad Prosecutor” is a new drama about an ill—mannered prosecutor with delinquent tendencies who believes in fighting for justice by any means. EXO’s Dio will play Jin Jung, the titular “bad prosecutor” who is determined to destroy those who use wealth and power to live above the law.

The newly released poster represents not only Jin Jung, who confidently holds his identity card to confirm his status as a prosecutor, but also the people around him, including his motley team of friends.

Lee Se Hee plays the role of Shin Ah Ra, a cold-blooded and very competent senior prosecutor with the character of tsundere. Due to their polar opposite personalities, she and Jin Jung don’t always get along, but nevertheless, they still work together.

Behind Lee, Se Hee Ha Joon exudes a dark aura in the image of Oh Do Hwan, a fiercely ambitious prosecutor who is determined to climb to the top using any means necessary.

Kim Sang-ho wears a crumpled red tracksuit as Park Jae-kyung, the mysterious head of the Civil Affairs Department, while Lee Si He looks exhausted as hacker Go Joon-do, who, in fact, is at Jin Jung’s mercy because the prosecutor knows his secret.

Finally, Joo Bo-yeon strikes a terrifying blow in the role of fighter Baek Eun-ji, while Yong Joon-seok is busy racing from place to place in the role of Jin Jung’s loyal assistant Lee Chul-gi, the investigator of the prosecution.


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