EXO’s Chen’s birthday today, learn more about his story


Kim Jongdae is celebrating one more year of life, the singer from the company SM Entertainment has come a long way and with hard work has achieved his dreams, find out more from EXO idols below.

Chen was born on September 21, 1992 in the metropolitan city of Daejeon, South Korea, the Korean pop artist’s family is made up of his mother, father, older brother, his wife and their little daughter.

The soloist began to dream of being a Korean music star from a very young age and always had the support of his loved ones, who in 2011 encouraged him to present himself to the audition system of the SM Entertainment company, where he was accepted and started as a trainee.

Kim Jongdae was under a training regimen for almost a year, the ‘Bad Dream’ performer received classes in singing, dancing, body language, modeling, vocalization and rap, to hone his skills as an artist.

Kim Jongdae from the moment of his debut attracted the attention of the public for his powerful and captivating voice, he has become one of the best known voices of his generation and continues to achieve success with his group and individually.

Chen, throughout his singing career has become an iconic voice within Korean drama OSTs, he is a much loved celebrity due to his artistic work for collaborations and on SM The Ballad, those projects led him to begin his solo career in 2019 with the album ‘April and Flower’, to later release the record material ‘Dear My Dear’.

In early 2020, after announcing his marriage and paternity, Chen’s activities were paused for a while, some fans did not take the news well and demanded that the singer leave EXO, but other followers continue to support the band. star.

EXO-L finds himself celebrating the birthday of the idol of the EXO CBX subunit with the different hashtags such as #AngelChenDay, #Fall_in_CHENday, #HappyChenDay, Internet users post their proof of affection with videos, images, messages and drawings dedicated to the interpreter of ‘You ‘.

Chen recently released the OST song ‘Your Moonlight’, which is part of the famous K-drama Do You Like Brahms ?, the track addresses the love and feelings that a person develops when they are in love. Owww.


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