EXO’s Chen touches fans with lyrics and MV for Hello


EXO-L showed their support and admiration for Chen after the release of the video for Hello, but the message in the lyrics turned into a letter that captured his heart.

EXO’s talented vocalist Chen is back with a new song under the name Hello. This melody has its own video, but Jongdae managed to move his followers thanks to the emotional lyrics and the message behind it. We tell you why Hello is a letter that provided comfort to its most loyal fans.

The music video features Chen touring an empty house with a vintage aura. The idol sits in front of a table where we see envelopes and papers placed waiting for the singer to write on them, but after failing to find the words, he begins to walk around the place while expressing everything he feels with the help of his voice

Hi. It was difficult just saying this word.

The MV shows us how everything around Chen turns black and white as disorder and chaos take place. Once the idol decides to leave, everything begins to return to calm, recovers the color and shows us a beautiful sunset of various colors in front of a pier.


EXO’s fans have mentioned that Hello’s lyrics are written in the same way as a letter, but also, it could be perfectly reflecting how the idol felt wanting to reconnect with his fans.

Hello tells us about a person who wants to communicate with whom he loves the most, but does not know what the response he will get will be, and he also feels unsure of what he should say to capture his thoughts in the best way.

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During a long indecision, I could not find the correct words to express my feelings.

Although in the lyrics of this song, Chen expresses what is inside his mind and his heart in the face of longing for someone important in his life, he recognizes that saying it directly through the message he will send is not that simple, so he limits himself to himself and can only say hello.

Not knowing what to say next, I put down the pen I was holding tightly. The words that I could not say to you will remain in my heart as regrets.

Furthermore, Jongdae expresses that even if he doesn’t say it directly, he has best wishes for the person to whom he is addressing his message and even though things are not quite right now, he hopes that they will soon be.

I hope you are well. I desperately hope you go to this alright

EXO fans recognized the value of Chen’s words in Hello and pointed out that it was the best way to reunite after the difficulties they went through together.

We also recently told you that EXO’s D.O will return to the screen, as the singer will star in the sci-fi movie The Moon.


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