EXO’s Baekhyun Opens Up About His Insecurities And Wants To Give Fans Hope


During EXO’s latest Baekhyun VLOG, the idol opened up about his own insecurities while reading from the book “You Don’t Have To Be A Good Person To Everyone.” one person for everyone,” by Kim Yoo Eun.

In this book, the author insists on the importance of not underestimating yourself, of giving yourself the right to make mistakes and above all, of knowing how to say to yourself “it will be fine”.

Baekhyun is always very positive, and the image that comes out of him is always bright and warm. But through this VLOG, he showed that he too had moments of doubt, and that he was not as confident as it seems.

In particular, even though Baekhyun is known as one of the best Kpop singers, he challenged himself and did not hesitate to take singing lessons to improve.

“The reason I started taking voice lessons 2 or 3 years ago was because I thought EXO represented something much more than I thought it could offer. —Baekhyun

Despite the accolades and his many songs, in a group or solo, he couldn’t help but feel that he wasn’t good enough.

“Already a lot of people had listened to my albums and told me that they liked them very much. But the weaknesses seemed too great to me. — Baekhyun

But after reading this book and especially this passage, Baekhyun realized that he had been too hard on himself.

“I realized that I was pretty hard on myself. It is said here that “it is good to be generous with yourself as you are with others”. It’s okay not to make yourself small. It says I should look back and ask myself if I am exaggerating my flaws. —Baekhyun

It’s easy to question yourself as a celebrity because all eyes are on them and the demands only get higher. Reading books like this can help you feel better, as it does for Baekhyun.

In particular, the voyeuristic society in which we live can accentuate our lack of self-confidence, by comparing ourselves to each other.


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