EXO SC reveals the first teaser for 1 Billion Views, their new MV


Sehun and Chanyeol will take a retro and futuristic journey in their next video. EXO SC reveals the first preview of “1 Billion Views” , the main single from their new album.

The second subunit of the group is ready for their first comeback, almost a year ago they debuted as a duo and now they are ready to conquer the summer with their retro energy. The boys already made several pre-releases, we tell you all the details.

Ready for a futuristic adventure? Sehun and Chanyeol prepare to show a new musical facet. With their first single “What a life”, the idols showed a fancy concept and hip hop style, for “1 Billion Views” they chose neon colors and vintage style.

Through their social networks, EXO SC shared the first teaser of their comeback, which shows the idols in an urban set full of electric colors, graffiti, neon signs, coin machines and a retro summer vibe.

The 22-second clip reveals part of the chorus, which is sure to never come out of your head once you hear the full song. Sehun and Chanyeol wear some vintage shirts and sparkly outfits on the scenes. The group’s maknae also looks intimidating with his latest model car.

“1 Billion Views” will be the song with which they promote their new album, EXO-L shared their emotion on social networks after the release of the teaser, all of them already want to listen to their new music and are delighted with the new concept.

For this comeback , the boys participated in the composition of the lyrics, demonstrating that their talent goes beyond dancing and rap. The preview also shows the great chemistry that exists between the two, as they perform a fun dance in one of the scenes.

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The comeback will take place this July 13 , so it will only be 3 days before EXO SC conquers you with its great energy and takes you on a futuristic journey. The subunit has already revealed the songs “Nothin” and “On me” , the solo performances of each one.

Recently they also released “Telephone ”, this MV is also a pre-release to raise the expectations of their album, the retro style is maintained during the video, with colorful sweaters and futuristic elements.


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