EXO release a funny trailer for “Travel the world on the stairs 3”


About a month ago, EXO announced that they were recording their new reality show, now the K-Pop group has released a teaser for the third season of their show “Travel The World On A Ladder 3”, so we can finally see a preview of the show that the boy band is preparing.

The next adventure of the EXO members has finally been revealed, unfortunately, we will not be able to see all the participants, as some are undergoing mandatory military service in South Korea, but fortunately, we see Xiumin, Suho, DO, Kai and Sehun in this fun season.

Once again, the chemistry that exists between the participants is demonstrated, and we are fascinated by the fact that the interpreters of “Don’t Mess Up My Tempo” in this type of activity, so we see the facet of each of them and, perhaps, a little more personal, since we are used to seeing them on stage.


As we already said in Nation Rex, the EXO group was recording a new season of their program “Travel the World on Stairs”, where idols perform tasks during their last trip, and we can see it on Wavve.

Now the K-Pop group is going to Namhae, where they will complete tasks as soon as they arrive at their destination, and continue various activities at the end of each of them. This program is very exciting for their fans, as this will be the first time the idols will be seen together.

As we have already told you, the action of EXO “Travel The World On A Ladder 3” will take place in Namhae, the premiere will take place on April 8 exclusively on the streaming platform Wavve. Each new episode will be released on Fridays, so mark the date in your calendar so you can enjoy it with all EXO-L.


After a long wait, the trailer for the third season of the series ‘Travel the World by Stairs 3’ has finally been released and we see a preview of what awaits us in this show, as we see how the idols live together, perform different activities and enjoy each other.

Not only is the chemistry between EXO clear, we also see how much fun they are and how they create new memories for each other and for EXO-L, although we don’t see the entire South Korean group due to the military actions of the members. commitment, it’s not satisfying to know that we can see boys.

In this trailer, we only see Kai, Sehun, Suho, D.O and Syumin and wait for the moment when we can see the rest of the group having a good time in the company of funny situations. Although the band is recently on the eve of their 10th anniversary, we are pleased to know what kind of support they receive from their fans.

We can’t wait for the release of this show and thus enjoy the company of EXO members and have a good time in our favorite place and with our favorite snacks, so we hope that the days will pass faster than usual.

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