EXO members reveal their ideal girl type


Who is EXO’s ideal girl? Find out what the members of the K-pop group look for in their soul mate, some of them have already found it, others have experienced some love relationships that were fleeting.

Currently, the group is one of the best known in K-pop, although they are in semi-hiatus due to the military service of some of its members, although they continue their activities alone and in subunits.

The members are distinguished by having unique personalities and incredible talents, being one of the idols with great vocals and these characteristics have conquered their fans, but how do they fall in love?

Each of the boys dreams of finding the ideal girl who fulfills their wishes to be happy, they want their soul mate to be attached to the illusions they have. Could you be one of those girls? Find out what the ideal EXO girl looks like.


Chen, who has already found his ideal girl, always dreamed of someone with captivating eyes and who would show him his love through an I love you and a hug, in addition, he liked people who were mature and accepted him as he is.


The idol would like a girl with an innocent aura, fair skin and someone who falls in love with his smile. In addition, he would use music to conquer her, D.O likes things to happen by themselves, without planning it or worrying about the circumstances.


He is a gentleman and attentive boy, so his ideal chida really has no conditions, he does not care about the physical, in fact, he would be the person who would shout from the rooftops what he feels for you. Xiumin also boasts of her physical strength, so you will always feel protected.


The youngest of the group is looking for someone who is next to him in his worst moments, if he gets hurt he wants his girlfriend to be by his side, also, he is the type of boy who would take you to see the stars or fireworks and have a magical night.

He also wants her to be kind and sweet to comfort him.


He would conquer his ideal girl with flowers, in addition, he wants someone who has the same tastes as him, especially in music, it is a great way to share time with your boy, because you can go to concerts or recitals.

He also wants someone who is funny and joking.


The idol has already had a relationship that was known, although his ideal type of girl is someone feminine, who has a kind attitude and is polite, good manners is always a great virtue.

He would also be the type of guy who gives you flowers.


The idol was already conquered once by Jennie and as for his ideal girl, he describes him as someone with beautiful skin as clear as snow, he also looks for someone who does not give up even if he is not that good at what he does , look at life in a positive way.

He would be a boy of flowers and unexpected surprises.


Suho wants a mature relationship, as he is looking for someone to complement him, as well as having long hair and a leaning towards the literary arts. The idol is also looking for someone who is positive and open-minded.

He would be the type of guy who would scream how much he loves you in the middle of the street.


Lay is a fan of girls who act cute or give him nicknames, affectionate, who understands him at all times and shows that he is the only boy in his life, the idol wants him to be the woman of his life to reciprocate in the same way and show him that you would do anything for her.


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