EXO may return with a new Japanese comeback


EXO Japan’s official social media released a colorful and flowery teaser, some netizens believe that SM Entertainment’s group could make a comeback soon.

Each of the EXO members is concentrating on developing new projects, some of them are currently doing their military service, so EXO-L already misses seeing idols promoting together.

Recently, EXO Japan’s social networks have resumed their activity, publishing different teasers that created a lot of expectation among fans of the singers and rappers of ‘Call Me Baby’.

On November 7, through EXO JP’s Twitter, a black and white clip with the date ’11 10 ’was revealed, referring to today, a few hours ago, a new video was posted on said profile.

Netizens’ curiosity grows as more details about this new EXO project are revealed, there are some clues that it is a Japanese comeback or a single. Find out more information below.


The teaser video only lasts a few seconds, in which you can read the date ’10 November 2020 ‘, in the background you can see different colored flowers, such as red, pink and wine, which gives the clip an elegant and striking touch.

EXO-L quickly began to fill the post with likes, comments, and shared it on their various social networks.

Some believe that it could be a new Christmas album, EXO has become famous for releasing productions at the end of the year with the theme of the holidays, others that it is possibly a digital single, while other users think that it is a Japanese comeback .

Other clues could have been given by Sehun, the youngest member of EXO has posted selfies and images accompanied by flowers, the star’s Instagram is full of these types of photographs. Is EXO’s comeback coming up?

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