EXO-L celebrates 8 years with EXO

The band formed by SM Entertainment has spent years sweetening the ears of its fans. 8years with EXO!

The EXO-L fandom is celebrating that the group is 8 years old since they debuted , with ‘ MAMA ‘ and were presented in their two units ‘ EXO-K’ and ‘EXO-M’ , made up of idols of Chinese and Korean origin, but over time, the group of 12 members became 9.

EXO arrived in the world of K-Pop , to demonstrate that creativity and talent come hand in hand, with their record materials they have managed to maintain themselves as one of the groups with more recognition and greater musical presence.

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It was recently revealed that Billboard , on their list of ‘The 25 Best K-pop Songs of 2019: Critics’,’ Obsession ‘, is in first place and rates it as’ Powerful Bass Keeps the Song Taut While the seamless vocal samples turn into threats and teasing, making him crunch with electricity and delicious arrogance. ‘

Despite the fact that Kyungsoo and Minseok are in the military, fans are waiting for the rest of the group to have a meeting , as is their tradition, they eat something, enjoy themselves, live together and talk.

#8years9hearts and #8YearswithEXO became a trend to fill with messages to each of the members , some fans made the ‘ EXO-L Selca Day ‘, which is to recreate a photo of the group or solo and publish it, this also became a way to celebrate .



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