EXO Chen Releases New Fall Teasers For His Single Hello


EXO’s Chen reveals new tasers for his new song “Hello,” the idol will be making his solo comeback. The SM Entertainment group has focused on its solo activities, subunits and the SuperM project. EXO’s Chen, known for his vocal talent and ballads, is ready to surprise his fans with a new digital song, the concept will be totally sentimental and fall, the idol will return on October 15.

Through EXO’s official networks, Chen revealed the new teasers for his single “Hello,” the idol’s solo comeback. The Korean pop singer will release a new single that promises to captivate EXO-L, as he is known for his ballads and incredible voice, the series of images shows four individual portraits of Chen.

For this new song, Chen decided to use a color palette that perfectly matches the fall season, in addition to giving a sentimental and sad vibe to the concept of “Hello”. In the teasers, the EXO idol posed in a simple outfit consisting of white dress pants and a black sweater.


The photos were published through EXO’s Instagram Stories, Chen is surrounded by a lonely and melancholic aura. Its color palette includes shades of blue, brown and dark, creating the perfect image for a romantic fall ballad. EXO-L shared several messages of support for the idol, who despite the controversy against him from haters continues with his career.

Chen will premiere his song on October 15, it will only be released digitally, that is, there will be no physical product, but support for the EXO member within Korean music platforms is expected with this solo project. The K-pop group is known for their vocal ability, OST, and ballads.

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In the photos, Chen appears in the middle of an almost dark room, lit only by a lamp, in the background, a window appears where the sky looks gray, increasing the atmosphere of sadness for “Hello”.

Another EXO member who also has new plans for his career is Baekhyun, the idol talked about his projects.


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