EXO: 5 Outfits inspired by Kai’s fabulous style


In the world of K-pop there are many idols who have fallen in love with their fans with their particular style of expressing themselves with fashion, EXO’s Kai is one of them, copy some of the dancer’s outfits to create your own combinations.

Jongin has not only conquered international audiences with his singing, dancing, and rap skills, the EXO member also has a dress style that stands out from the rest, as the star knows no limits when it comes to expressing himself with fashion.

Kai is always open to changing the formulas of his outfits, he plays many with the garments in his wardrobe and has been the inspiration for great luxury brands, such as GUCCI, a fashion company originally from Florence, Italy.

The EXO member is a guy who is known for creating trends, that’s why he is one of the Korean pop idols who loves to share his tastes and charisma through fashion. Do you like Kai’s style?

This time we bring you 5 outfits inspired by Kim Jongin, the EXO member has inspired EXO-L to explore with his own style of dress. Do not forget to tell us what your favorite look was.


Retro boy

Kai is constantly invited to be part of magazine photoshoots, this look from EXO’s idol has a retro style, a trend that is back to stay, the flared pants and shoes give it a mature and fun touch.


This look is very elegant and reflects the essence of Kai, we wanted to give a new perspective to his outfit, you can modify the boots and use more comfortable shoes, mold your style to this set of the K-pop star.

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Denim is always a good option, if you want to be cool and comfortable, you can go for a simple, but winning combination, like EXO’s Kai outfit. Add the accessories that best expressed your personality.

Bad guy

This was a look that EXO’s Kai used for the MV of ‘TEMPO’, the singer defied any scheme by wearing a crop top and some of his outfits from this era repeated the same formula, if you want to give this style a twist you can change jeans for a flirty skirt.


Kai is one of the K-pop idols who is a darling of the GUCCI fashion house, the EXO member has been in different shows, living closely with other celebrities. This combination is very daring, but you can play with the patterns of the fabrics and clothes that you have in your closet.


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