EXO: 4 Outfits Inspired By Their Musical Eras


The boys of EXO have experimented with many styles in their music videos, setting the trend in the K-pop industry. Discover what outfits of the SM Entertainment band you can recreate in the comfort of your home.

EXO is one of the most famous Korean pop bands in the world, the idols represented by the SM Entertainment company have experienced different styles in all the comebacks they have made throughout their careers.

Xiumin, Suho, Lay, Baekhyun, Chen, Chanyeol, D.O, Kai, and Sehun have thrilled their millions of fans with incredible looks that reflect the aura and energy of the concepts created to promote their musical work.

Rappers and singers are fashion icons, being ambassadors of design houses with great importance, such as Prada and Gucci.

This time we bring you 4 looks inspired by different EXO musical eras, which became a benchmark in Korean entertainment. You can take inspiration from the idol outfits to create your own combinations.



In this era, the boys of EXO fought against their clones, the band implemented a concept where they fought against themselves, so this Suho outfit belongs to EXØ, a look that reflects the power and energy of the comeback. You can mix the colors like black and red, combine it with high boots, another option is to change the skirt for jeans.


‘Monster’ is one of EXO’s darkest eras, where they combined different looks that reflect a touch of elegance and toughness. In outfits inspired by EXO’s ‘Monster’ you can combine black garments, with chains and more urban accessories.

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EXO’s ‘Kokobop’ had a fun, summery and colorful concept. The idols wore Hawaiian-style shirts and the outfits are some of the most relaxed in the boy group’s music videos. In this style, you can mix different garments with vaporous fabrics, which show a comfortable, but very cool set.


In ‘TEMPO’ EXO singers and rappers became lovers of speed and showed their extreme side by posing next to very imposing motorcycles. Kai wore a look with clothes with textures such as teddy and animal print.

Outfit inspired by K-pop group EXO’s musical eras. | Source: Pinterest
Outfit inspired by K-pop group EXO’s musical eras. | Source: Pinterest
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