ExitLag Announces Purchase of Competitor Haste


In a press release, ExitLag (a company that offers a technology to reduce pings during online matches) announced the purchase of Haste, its main competitor in this market.

Haste has a software that improves the connection route of professional players, avoiding lag in the most varied games. With this action, ExitLag becomes the owner of the entire operation, technology, structure and partners of the former competitor.

“We didn’t have a millionaire contribution, but we had a rapid rise in several aspects. We believe this step was very important for the market and for a new evolution in the optimized latency segment. We are delighted to hear that we have reached this level of excellence and that the connection route market is very advanced. It was a very positive transaction for the community and for all of us”, commented Fabiano Skowronski and Leandro Sandmann, directors of ExitLag.

And what does that mean? Basically, the acquisition, in addition to representing ExitLag’s growth in the market, also brings gains and expands the service globally, as the new servers spread across all continents will bring latency optimization in all types of connections, increasing the number of players served (and quality for current users).


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