Exit from the dacha: Ivan and Sasha defended another couple


Did Yvonne and Sasha Melders sacrifice themselves for another couple? The blonde and the kicker had to leave the dacha of the stars in the last episode. After that, they seemed rather disappointed with their departure. Obviously, the plan was to protect the other couple: Yvonne and Sasha wanted to save Cosimo Chitiolo (40) and Natalie Gaus from exile, as they have now told Promiflash!

Yvonne and Sasha had previously discussed with Mario Basler (53) and his partner Doris Bult that they would choose each other. The couple told Promiflash that they did it for a very specific reason: “We had a lot of long conversations around the campfire. And so we agreed — which you don’t see on TV — that it would break Cosimo’s heart if everyone voted for him.” In the past, the artist has experienced a lot of bad things, so Yvonne and Sasha offered him help in the future. “If we had chosen him then, if it wasn’t our style, then we too would have been just one of those people who tell him the moon and still don’t redeem it,” the athlete explains.

When no one chose Cosimo in the decision, everyone was very touched — the other candidates did not know anything about the Melders’ plan. “Everyone was crying,” Sasha recalls. Therefore, the couple does not regret anything.


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