Executives, Orlando Brown can’t make a long-term deal: Fan reaction


According to NFL Network insider Tom Pelissero, the Kansas City Chiefs were unable to come to an agreement to extend a long-term contract with star left tackle Orlando Brown this offseason.

Kansas City offered the highest signing bonus and APY on a six-year agreement, but Brown’s team decided there were not enough guarantees for the duration of the agreement.

“We got very close. We deal with bosses and understand their position. I will not allow these athletes to sign a flashy contract without content or security,” Brown’s agent Michael Portner said.

The NFL world reacted to the news on Twitter.

“I fully understand that a new guy getting a deal, even if he’s not the best in his place, wants to reboot the market. But to get an offer more than anyone else in the league in your position and turn it down is WILD,” one fan wrote. .

“In my honest opinion, I don’t believe Orlando Brown has done enough to become the highest-paid left tackle. It sucks because we could have used the flexibility of a long-term contract, but in the end, we did the right thing and held our positions. Now time will tell if we are right,” another added.

“To be honest, everything is fine with the fact that this deal did not take place. What an absolutely large contract could be. This keeps options open in the future. I wonder if we tag him twice and exchange/let him leave to get compensated now,” another said.

Now that Brown has turned down a contract extension, he could earn $16.7 million under the franchise tag if he signs before the first week of the 2022 season.

Recent reports indicate that Brown could miss training camp or even the start of the 2022 season if an agreement on a contract extension is not reached. Brown can’t be fined for his potential absence during training camp because he hasn’t signed his franchise tag yet.