Executioner Adam Page Targets Podcast Fighters


Hangman Adam Page has fronted AEW X NJPW Forbidden Door many times, and his latest target was retired professional wrestlers who speak ill of a modern product in podcasts. After losing to CM Punk at Double Or Nothing, the former AEW world champion was looking for his dream match for Forbidden Door.

For this pay-per-view, a triple threat fight is teased, where a Restless Millennial Cowboy may end up fighting Kazuchika Okada and Adam Cole. They talk about Okada as if it wouldn’t be on the map at all, but it’s hard to imagine an NJPW event taking place in North America without it. Meanwhile, Page took to Twitter to take a shot at former performers who are destroying the modern era, and there are a lot of them.

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Under his pseudonym @theAdamPage, he tweeted the following: “I just hope that when I get old and retire, I won’t stoop to some shitty podcast where I will smash the younger generation who are just chasing the same fortune that the struggle brought me [sic].” The comment instantly caused a wave on Twitter.

Although Page doesn’t mention any names in his tweet, it’s not hard to link his words to comments made by Booker T earlier this week. Booker T talked about Page’s friend, Adam Cole, and how he needed to build up his muscles so that he wouldn’t be injured anymore. Cole has been on the sidelines since winning the Owen Hart Memorial Tournament on Double Or Nothing, and while he’s been teased for the “Forbidden Door,” AEW has been strangely reluctant to pull the trigger in any particular match. Since the pay-per-view is due to take place this weekend, All Elite has only one episode of Dynamite left to set up matches.

Wrestling podcasts have become a natural part of the sports ecosystem, but that doesn’t mean it’s always healthy and balanced. Old professionals sit in their studios or at home and talk about how things used to be, while performers like Paige push the boundaries of what can be perceived as professional wrestling every night. It is natural that the old guard pushes aside new talents a little, and sometimes there is a legitimate transfer of knowledge. Booker Tee’s comments about the injured Adam Cole don’t really match that, and the headline-grabbing comment seems to have caught some attention from the former AEW champion in Page.